Plateform / Shard Tool at LPL for Data Analysis

Hi everyone,

Following-up on Noël’s comment on previous post : Analyse factorielle pour la validité de construit - #2 by noel.nguyen

There are several way to move forward:

  1. For R, humanum has a Rstudio server, theoretically opened to anyone
  2. As mentionned by Noël, there is a large number of cloud options that usually have a free individual tier and require subscriptions for teams. There is rstudio cloud but also deepnote for Python that I used for my classes… But there are many others : cocalc,, colab from google…
  3. Installing a local sever (e.g jupyter Hub

Among the options, the first one can be immediate (it is only up to you and to someone at humanum to validate your account). The second can be done any time if we settle on a platform, I can register a team account. The third requires a real involvement in installing (security issues, etc…) and it would be best to make sure there wille be a real user base, at least on the mid-term range, before entering this process. So perhaps, a way to go forward is to try to collaborate through 1. and / or 2. methods, and once we will be confident on both real usage of such a shared tool and of the added value of a local server… we could move to 3.

Comments / Reactions / Suggestions welcomed…


Hi Laurent and everyone,

I have contacted a number of colleagues at Aix-Marseille and elsewhere to ask them what their recommendations would be as regards the platforms that you refer to in your point #2.

With respect to the Huma-Num RStudio server (your point #1): individual accounts can be obtained on this server through Gerald Foliot at

For more information about Huma-Num: